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Bach Prelude in Dm

On Solo Guitar, performed by Tony Harmon


Bluesberry Jam

Calmenco! Blues


Echos of La Purisima

Blend of electric and classical guitars original


Los Dos Hermanitas

written by Francisco Tarrega



by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona


Venezuelan Valse 1

Written by Antonio Lauro


Winter Wonderland

Performed by Tony Harmon and Ray Pannell


Peruvian Scherzo



Semi-Hollow Body

Guitar Track


Gianas' Lullaby

Guitar Duo


Silent Night

Tony Harmon plays this Christmas Classic


Vina Musica (Live Version)

Written and performed by Tony Harmon, Ray Pannell and Johnny Sandoval


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Get Sound Trax is a place for people to post sound tracks and sell licenses for users to download them for use in YouTube, film and multimedia projects, as mood music for businesses or just to share. Our sound tracks are quality, creative and custom tracks that in many cases include the separate tracks in the downloads.

We embrace the Creative Commons licenses system so artists can price and select how they want their uploads to be downloaded and used and users can relax knowing that they have licenses to use these tracks/trax.

Please include the song title/artist name and/or the link to Get Sound Trax: https://getsoundtrax.com when giving credits.

Get Sound Trax and their Members also provide custom sound tracks per contract. Please use our Contact Form for inquiries.

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